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WhiskerBed - Cat Tunnel Bed

WhiskerBed - Cat Tunnel Bed


✅Available In Stock!

#1 Most Comfortable Pet Bed 🐶
Give Your Cats A Bed They Can Both Play And Sleep At

  • Multi-Purpose Design

  • Comfortable and Protective

  • Unique Playful Tunnel

  • Great Gift Idea for Cat Parents

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Another Satisfied Customer From USA!

"Got this new cat bed from FurShack yesterday. My cats already love it as soon as I placed it on the floor! They were very curious and both went inside the tunnel. They seem to enjoy it very much and can sleep at it both at the same time. I took this cute picture of them around a week after getting the bed. Overall, I am happy with the purchase."

WhiskerBed-Cat Tunnel Bed: An Ideal Retreat for Cats to Play and Rest

Cats love to pounce and to crawl inside tight tunnels to look for potential prey due to their natural predatorial instincts. Your furry hunter also needs its personal corner to hide, play, and rest when they need to. To fulfill those hunting and hiding desires, a cat tunnel bed is exactly the perfect cat bed you need. As your cats naturally love enclosed places, they will feel more at home and also have fun hiding in its tunnels. FurShack's Whisker Bed provides your pet all of what they love!

Buying a cat tunnel bed online from Fur Shack not only saves you from all that DIY hassle and mass-made stuff but also offers professionally-made cat tunnel bed made with high-quality material and durable design.

8 Reasons Why Fur Parents Are Loving Our Cat Tunnel Bed


The fun factor is undeniable. You can keep your cat busy and engage in interactive playtime. As your cat rests in stylish and flexible Whisker Bed, they’ll react to incoming targets as they approach.

Your cat will have that ‘hunter mode’ fun time where it can hide and be invisible to its prey, waiting for the perfect time to pounce. You can also place a few toys inside to spark your pet’s interest. When combined with a cat bed, this combo can provide play and nap time at the same place. Your cat will own her tunnel bed as its personal space.


Cat tunnel bed is thrilling for kittens as it can provide endless entertaining possibilities to them being frisk and frolic about their expanding world. For adults, a tunnel bed can add an appetite for playing and works perfectly by having a resting place.

For seniors, a tunnel bed allows them to be tucked cozily inside, without having to do more than poke out a paw from the hole to bat a toy.


Cats, if aren’t provided with their personal space, originally slept in unfixed places in search of homely feel. From sofas, beds, TV sets, and cabinet tops, to windowsills, under the chair –they would roam many corners. Being a cat parent, the obvious first thing in the morning is unknowingly getting your feet on your cat while she sleeps in the most unexpected place every night.

Now that we have specialized food and toys for our pets, why not get them a tunnel bed? It’s best to cater them with multipurpose stuff. Young cats, sick cats, or breastfeeding cat mothers can use this semi enclosed tunnel bed with a soft cushion on top to keep themselves cozy.


Cat tunnel beds are really convenient being lightweight and can be used as a cushion when traveling with your cat. Due to its handy and compact design, you can take your cat tunnel bed anywhere to keep your cat stress-free during the trip.

If your cat is picky and adapting to new products is not easy for her, a cat tunnel bed is the best choice for your moody fellow.


The quality of construction, softness, and thickness levels are perfectly favored for your furry pal. Depending on your cat’s sleeping preferences, the Whisker bed is adjustable for it to comfortably curl up, stretch, and feel secure. It is also compact and doesn't consume a lot of floor space in your house.


Cats have sensitive noses. To avoid your pet from irritation, Whisker bed is made of unbleached natural fabric that breathes better than synthetic and has fewer chemical odor. We have opted for the loftier and softer construction that points to better comfort. The bottoms are nonskid which helps keep them from moving across hardwood floors.

To save your sanity, the whisker bed is machine washable and comes with proper care instructions so that you can use it long-term.


A new cat in the house is initially scared about her surroundings. Providing her with a cat tunnel bed can bring in that homely feel and it can get comfortable in no time. During stressful situations, like loud noises and new house visitors, your cat can hide in the safety of our Whiskerbed - Cat Tunnel Bed.


Yes, sometimes your cat doesn’t like to sleep all curled up and wants to stretch out without being exposed. A tunnel bed is perfect for this purpose. It allows them to sleep with their body stretched inside the tunnel, while another cat can sleep curled up on top.

The Differences: Why Cat Tunnel Beds are better than Cat Beds? 

Cat naps can be as long as fifteen hours a day. Being a cat parent, you strive to provide the best to your furry fellow. Therefore, finding the right cat bed, with the right features is a must for you and your cat.

We are cat experts at Fur Shack, we understand the features that are crucial to your cat’s nap space. A safe, comfortable bed to sleep in that keeps him entertained at the same time.

The question is if you are in search of your cat’s sleeping space, should you choose a cat bed or a cat bed tunnel? To help make your decision easier, let’s check the difference and which one is best for your cat?

What exactly are a cat bed and a cat tunnel bed?

A Cat bed is a general term for types of beds with different shapes, sizes, materials, designs, and price –it is space for your cat to sleep.

A Cat tunnel bed is for the cat owner who’s more eco-conscious since it is made of no harsh materials. They are stylishly comfortable, modern, and serve multipurpose. Shaped like a pod that holds its shape, has a tunnel with opening, and a comfortable cushion on top to curl up –this design is made with durable, comfortable stuff that can hold up to 20 pounds of weighted cats.


Cat beds are usually made of synthetic materials like plush polyester and foam which are really popular in cat bedding to make cat beds fluffy. The cleanliness can go as bad one can imagine. Even machine washing will decrease the life of conventional cat bed.

On the other hand, cat tunnel beds are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. The material is durable enough to withstand vacuum and machine washing.


Cat beds are made with comfort that is more appealing from a human’s point of view but, unfortunately, not for cats. The foam stuffing, plush, and sometimes lace details fail to entice your cat to crawl in and get cozy.

The cat bed tunnel has raised the bar for the level of comfort. The Whisker Bed will help your cat feel safe, warm, and comfy. As wool expands when the temperature warms up allowing cool air to flow through it, keeping your cat cozy. Similarly, as the temperature drops, the wool has the ability to trap warmth, keeping your pet warm.

Besides physical comfort, cats are attracted to wool odor, naturally and feel safe in it. Therefore, there’s no chance that your pet won’t get attracted to her tunnel bed.


Cat beds are commercially bulk-produced and made in China. On the contrary, Fur shack’s Whisker beds are made hand-felted, free of chemicals, and eco-friendly. Whisker bed is chemical-free certified for a toxins-free experience.


With a huge variation in the quality of cat beds out there, the range in price of popular cat beds starts at $10 and can go up to $100 –depending on the design and size.

Cat tunnel beds, on the other hand, come with a premium price tag because of the high-end manufacturing and quality of the product. It’s a one-time cost, that’ll stand the test of time which conventional cat beds can’t compete.

Cat tunnel beds at Fur shack are made with 100% merino wool, unlike the conventional cat beds that are mass-produced in a factory in China.

Features and Benefits

Looking for a comfy bed for your kitten that also keeps her entertained? Wanna spoil your kitty with a playful tunnel? Fur Shack offers this innovative compact design coming in 2 cool colors.

Whisker bed is made from 100% premium wool and cotton. With a cozy double-sided cushion surrounded by a felt tunnel to provide warmth and privacy for your cat.

In addition, the bed features a cool play tunnel where your cats will spend hours playing every day.

Key Benefits

✨ Original Compact Design - The handy design with dual-purpose functionality.

Comfortable and protective - The smell of wool fabric will catch your cat’s attention and your cat will get cozy with her new Whisker bed in no time.

Playful Tunnel - This will be their favorite play space whether you have one or several kittens.

Great Gift Idea for Cat Parents - This would be an original and innovative gift for all the cat lovers out there.

Durable Material - a double-sided cushion ensures warmth and privacy to curl up. Also, you can easily wash your whisker bed without decreasing its life and quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 436 reviews
Luther Daniel

Great bed very useful. Came in perfect condition. Thank you!

Aida Abernathy

It's perfect!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐We loved it, the shipping went pretty fast and it came very well packed. I bought size L because although my kitten this baby I hope it lasts quite long put a blanket on it to reduce space. Little Mew loved it!

Alvah Osinski

It's easy to ride, I get there sooner than expected and it's comfortable. My cats have already used it and they seem to like it! I recommend it

Brady Kovacek

Excellent bed it serves two purpose. While one cat sleeps the other can hide in the tunnel to play :)

Ryleigh Witting

I loved it! And my cats too. It came very folded in the package, but it has finally recovered form. Size L is quite large but it doesn't bother me! I recommend it!

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