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FunFly - Flying Saucer Toy + FREE 5 Saucer Discs

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The Funniest Way to Make Your Cats Go Crazy Or Your Money Back!

Compared to dogs, cats are 10 times more prone to injury because of their climbing instincts. It is very important to ensure that cats get the exercise they need in order to keep their legs strong enough to support their body as they fall.

Why this cat toy is for you?

✨Your Cats Need Exercise - cats needs to stay in shape in order to ensure that their body can withstand jumping from high places while avoiding injury.

Sharpens Hunting Instincts - household cats often lose their hunting instincts staying idle at home. Awaken your cat's hunting instinct with this toy to keep they're overall mental health in check.

Less Furniture Scratches - entertained cats are less likely to scratch your furniture out of boredom.

Fun For You and Your Cat - watch your cat lose their mind as they try to catch this evasive spinning toy around the house.

No Batteries Needed - intelligent design requires no batteries to play. 


Making sure that your cats are in shape is vital to being a cat owner. Not only we try to prevent our cats from being overweight in order to keep them from away harm but also, it'll keep them happy long enough to forget about the need to scratch your new furniture. 

Buy our FunFly - Spinning Saucer Toy to save your cats and furniture!


1. Do cats really chase after this toy?

-  Many of our customer testimonials says YES! This behavior might be attributed to cat's natural instincts to hunt on flying birds in the wild.

2. How many saucer discs are included in the package?

- The package contains the launcher and a total of 5 saucer discs.

3. Can I buy the saucer discs separately?

- Currently not. The pricing of the cat toy is very affordable so if you buy 2 units you can have 10 saucer discs to play with. (Buying 2 units also gives you 10% discount)

4. Does it need battery to work?

- No it doesn't. The toy operates with a spring and trigger mechanism so you can have fun for hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews

Great toy! my pets loved it, it doesn't need any battery so its very convenient to use :) Kudos to Fur Shack!

Skylar Predovic

I was really skeptical about buying an expensive toy for my cat. I saw FunFly and thought it would be worth the price. My cat absolutely loves the product and she has been playing with it all week. The toy came in perfect condition and was packaged neatly.

Waino Miller

Cats loving it.

Augustine Gutmann

So much fun! My cat and my kid loves it!

Trycia Kulas

Cool toy for kids but I felt it would be fun for my cats and I was right, a lot of fun and they fly high and cats love to chase and catch the spinner, pretty colors and a strong toy. I recommend Vendor.

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