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FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls
FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls
FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls
FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls
FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls
FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + FREE 3 Colored Balls

‚úÖAvailable In Stock!

#1 Most Engaging Cat Toy ūüėĽ
Give your cat a mind blowing experience

  • Keeps your cat entertained for hours

  • Prevents furniture scratches

  • Prevents separation anxiety

  • Promotes mental stimulation

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Don't take our word for it. Listen to our happy customers!

"Received this amazing toy from Fur Shack yesterday. The material used in it is sturdy and it is easy to assemble as well. I'm not sure what cat psychology is happening here but my cats are so engaged with this toy they didn't even notice me taking pictures of them!"

See How Easily You Can Capture Your Cat's Attention With This Toy

Cats are very curious by nature. Instinctively, they tend to always chase after moving objects. This cute behavior of theirs is closely tied up to how their ancestors used to be in the wild. Ferocious predators who are always on the hunt for rodents and small game!

This toy is designed to tickle their hunting instincts in the most adorable ways. The colorful moving balls mimic those delicious prey in the eyes of our fur babies, effectively triggering the predatory instincts inside their brains. Watch your cats have the time of their lives with this amazing cat toy!

5Reasons Why Cat Parents Are Loving Our Funcone Cat Toy

‚≠ź Fun for You and Your Cat 

- watch your cat lose their mind as they try to catch this evasive spinning toy around the house.

‚≠ź Less Furniture Scratches 

-entertained cats makes them less likely to scratch your furniture out of boredom.

‚≠ź Relieves Separation Anxiety

cats suffer from mental health issues too! Keeping them entertained and having fun is vital for their overall wellbeing. 

‚≠ź Prevents Aggressive Behaviors

- cats who are entertained are less likely to exhibit dominant behavior such as biting and scratching other cats or any member of the household.

‚≠ź Sharpen Cat's Instincts

- household cats often lose their hunting instincts staying idle at home. Awaken your cat's hunting instinct with this toy to keep they're overall mental health in check.

Happy Cat Vs. Sad Cat

Do your cats spend the majority of their time sleeping inside your home?

Don't you wish there was an easy way to keep them entertained and not take their frustrations out on your new furniture? Wouldn't it be great if you could train them to poop exactly in one place so you could easily clean it on-the-go? Have you ever blamed old age as to why your cats are overly aggressive and have a dull fur texture? 

Well,.. you don't have a BAD cat, you have a SAD cat!

Introducing, the Funcone Interactive Cat Toy, a cat toy that grabs your feline's attention and slowly turns them into a well mannered angel of fur sent from heaven to bless your home with meows and cuteness.

Features & Benefits

‚≠ź Easy to Assemble 

- Its design is very simple to assemble, even your 5 year old toddler can do it.

‚≠ź Hard to Break

- made from an industry standard synthetic polymer plastic which is very durable and can withstand pet play.

‚≠ź Safe for pets

 - painted with non-toxic materials that are environmentally friendly and are not poisonous when  ingested by your fur babies.

‚≠ź No Batteries Needed

 -  intelligent design requires no batteries to play. Your cats can play with it all day long!

Made For The fur Babies In Your Family

Choose your bundle & save big on your order now!

Starting Bundle


+ FUNFLY - Flying Saucer Toy

FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + Funfly

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2,345 cats love our toys

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Perfect Bundle



FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy (2pcs) + FREE Robot Fish

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2,345 cats love our toys

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In-love Bundle



FunCone - Interactive Cat Toy + Funfly + Robot Fish

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2,345 cats love our toys

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Customer Reviews

Based on 804 reviews
Amalia Zemlak

cute toy! my cat loved it so much. Its so effective at keeping them away from my furniture haha. Nice one fur shack!

Emilie Prosacco

My cat liked it!!! Exactly as stated in the picture. Its my 4th purchase on Fur Shack, never disappointed me. Their customer service is kind too! 5 stars!

Celia Mante

Cat liked it

Garret Doyle

Arrived pretty fast to Australia, well packed. My cat loves this toy so much, I left my cat to play for it in my room, after 3 hours she is still playing it!!! So funny. Amazing product from fur shack :D

Kristin Bednar

The cat is happy, we too.

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