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NailBit - Pet Nail Trimmer + 2 FREE Grinder Head

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Here's The Safest & Fastest Way To Trim Your Pet's Nails

Are you scared of accidentally hurting your pet while cutting their nails short? Stop putting your pet's nails at risk and start trimming safely with our NailBit - Pet Nail Trimmer! This nail trimmer will slowly grind your pet's nail safely without the fear of bleeding or accidental flesh cutting. Now you can rest assured that you can trim your pet's nails short without the risk of hurting them even if they move too much!


Why this nail trimmer is for you?

Safe For Pets - the trimmer will grind your pet's nail without the risk of bleeding.

✨Easy to Use - with just a press of a button, you can turn the device on and off easily without too much complicated instructions.

Less Anxiety For Pets - pets are often anxious when you trim their nails because you are too and they feel it! This pet nail trimmer will give you peace of mind while you use it and your pets will be at ease as well.

Runs Quietly - the device doesn't make too much sounds that may potentially scare your pets.

No More Sharp Nails - nail trimming using the conventional nail cutters of ten leave a sharp edge to your pet's nail, which may cause them to hurt themselves accidentally. With NailBit, your pet's nail will instantly be dull after every use.


Every fur parents need a safer and easier way to trim their pet's nails. With this very innovative device, there will be no more hustle in keeping your pet's nail trimmed all the time. No more risk of bleeding and injury!

Buy our NailBit - Pet Nail Trimmer to give you and your pets a better nail trimming experience.


1. How do I know how much to grind?

-  Most dog nails are translucent, so you can see where the soft interior stops and don't rub it against that part. If their nails are completely opaque, it will be more complicated. Stop and check if they flinch, there is no danger.

2. If the batteries go bad, can they be replaced?

 the nail grinder is rechargeable and last for years, need not to purchase and change the batteries.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ozzie Bradtke

We always had a nailcut. Before, we use nailcutter and the dog squeals and was hysterical. Now with this nailgrinder, my pet's nail was cut and filed at the same time! Pesic didn't even pull. Nice product!

Vincenzo Mosciski

Very accurate. A real solution to our dog issues.

Yasmeen Douglas

Great cutter! very effective and doesnt cause panic to my dogs, easy to use too! highly recommended. FurShack <3

Lurline Rolfson

Interesting nail grinder it is! We were using dog nail cutters before and was always too careful as not not cause accidental bleeding which may hurt my dog's nail. With this grinder, I can now trim my dog's nail without worrying too much.

Shaniya Wehner

Arrived fast in Australia. It came complete with instructions and a charger. Easy to use and highly effective. It take some extra time to trim the nails though but I'll prefer that any day than risk my pet's nail bleeding if I miscut with a nail cutter.

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